About Massey’s News


Photograph of P&I Stores, Stoke St Michael

A Brief History of Massey’s News

Mr P and Mrs I Massey (Deans Grandparents) form P&I Stores and ran the village shop at the Live and Let Live (Bentleys) in Stoke St Michael along with several news rounds, in 1974 they bought the co-op on Stoke Hill and moved the business to the new location.

One morning in 1994 Mr P Massey was hit by a car and had to give up the business (well into his seventies). A decision had to be made whether to keep the business going or to close, so I (Dean Massey) took over the news rounds as well as doing a full time night shift then in September 1995 became a partner in P&I Stores with my mother Susan Massey.

As the years have rolled by we have seen many shops in the local area close, and when they have in many cases lost their news delivery service. So therefore we have increased our delivery area to what it is today.